My third piece of opinion didn’t get to publish in Bangkok Post “Postbag” so I might continue to whine and nag around in my Medium platform. Here it is:

Dr. Taweesilp doing his daily task

The daily noon announcement from CCSA is no longer a point of interest to many, me included. I recall the first wave period announcement by CCSA spokesman Dr. TAWEESILP was quite a deal, when almost everyone got to pay attention in front of the telly to the guy and to what he was about to say. Lately, daily reports have been repetitive and redundant, talking about the same thing every single day. The only difference is just the number of infected cases, which doesn’t seem to comply with lockdown ordeal. Such a mundane approach will not lift people’s spirit or alleviate the circumstance. As a matter of fact, the number of daily cases are ubiquitous, either on social media pages or news on TV. What they might want to include in their announcement could be other perspectives from different professionals. It could be persons from educational, economic sectors who are able to deliver an-easy-to-understand message to the public about COVID-19 related issues apart from just the same kind of notification. Or it could be medical individuals who have trust and faith from people to explain confusing facts about the vaccine or disease prevention. Respectfully speaking, we are sick of your face already. Let’s change for a betterment, shall we?