UK managed quarantine Diary-Day 9

It’s fucking NEGATIVE!! The result came into my email early this morning. However, there was no SMS sent this time. It was a relief that my box reached the lab safely. I was concerned about the poor packaging and sealing.

Asked what I have done all day, nothing concrete and substantial. It’s almost the same with previous tedious days. The good thing is that I can look forward to leaving this room, to the freedom of outside world eventually.

There was an online event of my university at 12 “Preparing for study: meet your librarians”. It was pretty something for me as an old time student who hung around at the library a lot during my high school heyday. Still, there’re some journals that I cannot access via library portal. My reading list is not 100% obtained yet as some paper aren’t accessible. Good thing is that the university has Scopus account so it is likely that I will be able to access many world class journals if needed later on.

I planned to watch Gordon Ramsay’s show but could not manage to finish the episode cuz I focused on my online event instead. I just had to prioritize which one is more important. Other than that, today’s time was spent by watching YouTube, reading my book, and (unintentionally) taking a nap. Shame on me.

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

My breakfast was a Cornish bacon & cheese turnover served with a whole bunch of items (a banana, juice, milk, Cornflakes, Chocolate Muffins). I was aiming to eat the meat part because I don’t get to eat much protein here. But the bacon was too salty to finish the whole piece. Thank god that lunch came with egg white so I had a little addition of protein. I didn’t expect Veggle bap to have egg white in there. It also got a mild slided Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and a few of mix leaves. The Morroccan Lentil Soup was delicious. Dinner wasn’t bad also. Despite being labelled Thai Green Vegetable Curry, its taste skews towards more like an Indian culinary dish. I finished it anyway because I miss Asian plates so much. The dessert of the day was an Orange Chocolate tart. What I wonder was why there’s a treat size of Haribo (gummy bear) in my food package. What even more terrible was a piece of the flavor gum was melting.

My dried Veggle bap’s fillings: Cheese, egg white, tomato, mixed leaves

The Indian guy who sent me day 2 and day 8 test kits came knock at my door in the evening. He asked to see the COVID result from my phone, so I did show to him for both days results. He said I’m allowed to leave 0.00 AM onwards on 19th of September. He also gave me a paper which looks like a Managed Quarantine exit certificate (for individual). Tomorrow is another full day here in this hotel. I should embrace the luxury environment and ornate vibe before leaving for a mousehole room in my university hall. Today UK Government has revised some travel restrictions for some countries. I have heard Egypt was no longer on the red list. Unfortunately Thailand is still on the red list countries. I gave up for my country already. What a pity!